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Leaving the Wild is intended to provoke thought and discussion.¬†Nothing would please me more than to discuss Leaving the Wild with your group, club, association, or college! I’d also love to speak with fellow journalists.

Animal breeding is at the heart of this book. It’s my belief that conscientious breeding is the new frontier of animal welfare and animal rights. If we are to honor our pact with domestic animals, we need to make scientifically-informed decisions¬†before they’re even born. Whether this means facilitating Trap-Neuter-Release programs for alley cats, deciding if we should bring a litter of puppies into the world, or choosing how to best use artificial reproductive technology, we need to talk. The ethical treatment of animals begins with ethical breeding decisions. Those decisions are neither simple nor easy to make. They deserve our careful attention.

A discussion topic might include: the future of animal shelters; the plight of pit bulls; cloning and genetic modification; dairy farming; single-trait breeding and the “popular sire” effect; the impact of animal show judging…anything in the book is fair game!